Okay, I'm not a drummer, but one of my best friends is, and I'm very fond of discussing ridiculous rhythms with him. I brought something up today that really twisted our brains: Try making triplet eighth notes fit inside triplet quarters. If any of you madmen figure out how to do it, post an audio clip (if that's possible . . .)!
not quite sure i follow. Start with a half note beat. dividing it into 3 gives you triplet quarters. 3 triplet eighths get assigned to each triplet quarter, giving you 9 beats per half note. beam all the eighths together and group in threes

Triplet 8ths against triplet quarters create a pattern that lines up every other beat
Essentially what I'm trying to do is a triplet triplet. There has to be some way to divide up triplet quarters into smaller sets of triplets. If you could write out how triplet quarters are counted (e.g. 1 & a 2 & a 3 & a 4 & a for triplet eighths ), that would help a whole lot, since I don't usually do that, I just change the way I tap the beat.
So it would be like triplet 16's or summat.
Your original beat would be something like 1 2 3 2 2 3 3 2 3 4 2 3
And you want another triplet within the spaces like 1(123)2(123)3(123) etc?
If so it could be done depending on the tempo lol.
The triplet quarters will last for two triplet 8th notes each.

In a bar of 4/4 there are12 triplet 8ths.
There are 6 triplet quarters.
12 divided by 6 = 2

If you beat triplet 8ths with your hands, starting on your right hand each quarter note will land on the right hand, then the left hand etc.

Each triplet quarter will be hit with the right hand.
Accent the right hand hits and you'll feel it.

I'm not a drummer.