hello fellow UGers. do you think micing a cube 30x would be legit for a show?
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Yes, it will be legit.
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I think it'd sound good. When I'm at my friend's apartment, I can't jam with him on his bro's half-stack, (apartments) so I use his Cube 30, which is surprisingly good. If they had a "cube" style tube head, I'd buy one in a heart beat.
Haha, I remember when I got my first amp I had the choice between Spider, Cube and MG. I went with the spider. I wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into young me.
People have miked smaller and shittier stuff before you. All that matters is how you sound. It will be the sound you have now turned up louder. Do you like your sound? Yes? It's legit.
Make sure you get a bit of guitar in the foldback. Throw beer cans at the sound guy until he gets it right - but beware, you may have to throw cans at the singer too. They normally aren't too happy about sharing too much of their foldback. That why the rest of us use big amps.
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