get some half decent combos though.

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The best you could do would be a Peavey Windsor head and a really shitty 4x12.

If you saved up to a thousand though, you could potentially get a really serious half stack.
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To put it bluntly, no, probably not
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You might want to look for used ones online. There is a lot of great beastin amps used for cheap. I got a used Peavey JSX for 500 bucks and a real shitty cab for 80 bucks.
Unless you get insanely lucky, no. The Peavey Windsor combo goes for 400, or the head goes for the same and you'd have to have more money for a cab. If you really like EVH's sound, try shopping around for a 5150 2x12. O
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I've seen Peavey VTM stacks go for $500 used. Those are tube and can nail 80's metal pretty well. There's also the Ampeg VH140c, which is SS but sounds incredible and goes for around $140 in some places. Though I'm not sure that would be good for 80's metal. As far as cabs go, I've seen Marshall 1960a cabs everywhere from as low as $250.

Really the phrase "Halfstack" shouldn't be used in a sentence unless a budget of at least $700.