I am at a very crowded party. I look to my left, I see a wall. I look to my right, I see another wall. I am at a party I shouldn`t have been invited to, one that I was asked to come along to as an afterthought. I hide in the corner of the room in fetal position, being hurt by the shadows of others. No one comes over to talk to me. No one even notices I`m there.

Until I see her. I keep looking at her, her eyes and her smile.

I see him, walking through the crowds of people to reach his only goal. He walks right up to her, puts his arm around her and kisses her. And I keep looking at what could've been.

I stand up.

Notes: A little snippet of a short story I want to write.

EDIT: I wrote this whilst in a depressed mood... looking at this the next day... wtf is this.
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