*sigh* Over the past couple days I've already made two threads on this subject (one of which I've deleted) and still no solution. I hate to be "that" guy but I'm in a crunch for time and I need to make a purchase. Please read and if you have any knowledge on the subject help me out:

I have a Vox AC15C1 that hums/buzzes. When I say hum/buzzes I don't mean it does so obnoxiously loud and I don't mean feedback. Nothing is wrong with amp, it just hums due to electricity like all tube amps. Though this is normal, I'd like to eliminate the hum to sound more professional and have it dead silent when I'm not playing. With every amp I've ever owned I've used a noise gate (an ISP Decimator specifically) in the effects loop to solve this problem and it has always worked flawlessly.

Problem is, this amp doesn't have an effects loop. This means the only place I could place my noise gate would be in front of the amp only eliminating guitar noise. So I don't care how I go about it, I just want to buy something to get rid of the noise of a powered amp. I'm not sure if a noise gate in front would actually do the trick or not. Also, I was looking at a HumX which if for 60 cycle hum and ground loops (same thing?). Is the hum a powered amp produces considered 60 cycle hum or is that completely different? Could the HumX solve my problem? And if neither an ISP Decimator or HumX can solve my problem, what can?

I've tried two different guitars, one with two humbuckers and one HSS and both hum on all pickups. I've tried playing it in two different homes and it hums. Walking around doesn't affect the loudness of the humming. It's not feedback.


EDIT: This is actually my girlfriend's rig and testing it is a pain as it requires me to call her and get her to do it when she isn't busy. Time crunch is due to me trying to eliminate her hum as part of a birthday present.
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Does it hum whenever there isn't anything plugged into the amp? In that I mean no guitar or cable to the input? Have you tried different outlets in the house? Does the amp have a 3-prong plug?

The only way you might be able to eliminate the hum entirely is to reroute certain wires inside the amp, and if you haven't had experience inside of an amp before I wouldn't recommend doing this. You can kill yourself from touching the wrong thing in there.
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This video is nearly the exact same hum I get though it also sounds like this with humbuckers:


EDIT: In this video it looks like he is going guitar -> decimator -> amp input (NOT the effects loop) which is what I'd have to do and his hum is gone. So I guess what I'm experiencing is 60 cycle hum? Only thing is my amp hums with humbuckers too..
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First, take it to a repair dude to determine if any thing is not working correctly.

I recently bot an old crate amp which hums. It is caused by an internal ground loop.

The problem is the ground path of the chassis is not the same as the wires connectiong the preamp to the power amp. So, we will experiment with not using the wire ground. And let the ground travel via the input jack ground, and the knobs' ground instead.

If that does not work, we will isolate all the preamp/chassis connections.