How do you guys get your music out there? I'm pretty new to the singer/songwriter game. I have a couple recorded songs, and would love to get more people to listen.

Obviously your music can't suck and people have to want to hear it. I posted a song on facebook to fairly good reviews - 42 people liked it and 9 others shared it which accumulated a lot of additional likes. But beyond that, beyond family and friends, how do you guys get your music out there? Maybe it's because i don't have a band behind me so there's less people I know.




Just curious what you guys do to put yourselves out there.
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Create a Facebook page and require people to 'Like' it before they can listen. Yeah, that'll work for sure!
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I think one of my issues is that I recently got into singing and playing, so performance is a big question mark for me. I'm not insanely talented when it comes to vocals, though others have told me they really like the way my voice sounds. Maybe I'm a bit perfectionist about it but I record myself at home doing live takes often and I don't nail all the notes- kind of bugs me out from trying to play.
Love that first tune. You got some mixing skills. Not to mention a great voice and guitar playing.
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Thanks for the kind words guys! So far I've received some pretty positive feedback-maybe the stuff is a little too 'radio cheesy' in certain ways, but I'd just love for more people to listen! I guess maybe building up a youtube following is one of the only ways...haha.
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Throw your music out wherever you can. Bandcamp, Souncloud, Reverbnation, Youtube, Facebook.
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There are lots of music blogs that can really take something viral, and youtube is always a great option. I really like last.fm because your music has the chance to get played next to some really big names in their radio stations (think Pandora, but more open and free)
Basically, make it as accessible as possible online and network in real life. There are hundreds of sites where you can host your music online but to me, the internet has always felt like I'm throwing my tracks into a mass ocean and hoping that a million bucks washes up on the sea.

I personally go out to as many places I can and hand out free CDs with like 3 or 4 tracks on em. What is the average person more likely to do, click a link that says "Check this new band" or listen to a disc handed to them from a guy that says "Hey, check this out". One of my old bands once made a free 4 song EP, made like 100 discs and went out to school and handed them out. After a week, we saw about 20 new likes on our Facebook page and I got several messages from friends saying they liked (or disliked) it.

Personal real life connections will beat online pretty much all the time
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