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She sits, across the dark smoky bar. Her eyes catch mine as we both gaze around the room. Legs tan and lean, they look like they go on for miles. Her skirt is black and very short, 4" black heels, her blouse is very silky and almost sheer. Her hair is long and black down her back.

She is very large breasted, she looks as though she may burst out of those buttons at any moment. My eyes watch in anticipation willing it to happen. She watches me as I watch her. In her eyes I can see her undressing me, I feel a tingle of excitment shoot through my body. I am in a short red dress, very low cut in the bust, no bra or panties, red stilettos. And the dress is definately one size small. My own large breasts are practically pouring out of the top.

My nipples grow taunt and hard under her gaze. I take a sip of my drink, she looks back up into my eyes, I slowly drag my tongue across my top lip to let her know that the look in my eyes was not up to interpretation. I wanted her, here and now.

She slowly uncrossed her legs and recrossed them, allowing me to see that she too had no panties to speak of. My mouth waters, and the throbbing begins deep between my thighs.

She excuses herself from her companions and gets up and starts to walk away from the bar. I kissed my date on the lips and asked him to wait, I’d be back.

I followed her into the sitting area of the ladies restroom. She was sitting in front of a mirror getting ready to reapply her lipstick. I walked up to stand next to her, "Hello." I say as I look into her beautiful green eyes. "Hello." She replies back, her voice is smooth and very sexy.

"That’s a great color," I tell her as I lean over making sure to let my breasts practically fall in her face as I take the lipstick from her hand and begin to apply it to my own lips.

She watches as I stroke it slow and senuously across my lips, licking her own lips as I do. I drop it into her open purse when I finish. "I think I may have applied to much," I tell her as I take her hand and pull her up out of the seat "why don’t you just take some of mine."

I lean back against the wall, and we begin to kiss. Bodies pressed up against one another. The kiss starts slow and deep. She tasted so damn good. I placed my hands either side of her Hips. In an instant her hands are on my body.

She pulls the straps of my dress down. Allowing my breasts to spill out into her hands. She kneads and caresses my breasts and nipples. It is excusite yet agonizing all at once. I unbuttoned her blouse with strained patience, took first one then the other nipple into my mouth. She moans as I nip and suck. I reach down and slide my hand under her skirt, I find her wet and slide my fingers into the folds of her pussy. I finger her clit as I devour her luscious breasts. I begin to finger **** her where we stand. My own anticipation is starting to explode.

After I bring her to climax I suck her sweet juices from my fingers, she takes my hand and pushes me down onto a couch. She lays me back and pulls my skirt up above my hips. I lay there legs spread wide, stilettos still on my feet, juices in my pussy glistening, breasts bare and nipples hard. She gets down on her knees between my legs and takes my clit into her mouth. My head falls back as I whimper out my pleasure.

She is insatiable, opening the lips of my pussy wide, she dives in, licks and teaseses my clit and drives her tongue deep into my ****. Her face pushing in and out, my hips girating, my hands pinching my nipples. She is driving me beyond all reason. She finally takes my clit and begins to suck on it. I explode in her mouth as I cry out. She laps up the juices that burst from my ****.

She rises up and lays on top of me, bare breasts touching, we begin to kiss again. I can taste my essence on her lips. Hands begin to hunt and explore. I pull her skirt up and pull her hips down, so that I can feel her **** on mine. We are both shaved bare.

I grab her hips and grind, she sits up and turns so our pussies are lips to lips. We both begin to turn our hips in circles, building and building the sexual tension. I feel our juices blend and mix, making our sex slippery and exciting. We continue our dance until we both climax simultaneously.

She lays back down and rests her beautiful face on my breasts. I stroke her hair and she kisses my breasts. Slowly we get up, straighten our clothes and run a brush through our hair, we each apply her lipstick and I follow her as we walk out.

She rejoins her group and gives me a smile and a wink before turning back to face the bar. I smile back and turn to my date. I lean forward and kiss him.

"Is that a new color lipstick you are wearing?" he asks me as he uses his napkin to remove the excess from his lips.

"Yes, what do you think?" I ask.

"I really like it," he says "very sexy!"

I laugh just a little, sit back and cross my legs. "Yeah I thought so too."