Hey, so I have recently been invited to my friends band. They've played shows for the last couple of months and want to expand with synth. I've only been playing maybe a year and a bit, and as it wasn't exactly my main focus I haven't attained much for it. I have a MicroKORG right now and that's it, other than a crappy practice digital piano.
I am wondering what kind of things would I want to purchase and learn to use? I'm pretty noob at this. I know I could get an amp, though I'm not sure but I think I can hook my synth through the PA. Other things I'm aware of are things like a Kaossilator, loops pedals, effects pedals, etc but like I said I am unsure. Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated.
Also I'm looking to get a synth that is less analog and more real, for orchestrated/strings/piano sounds, so any suggestions to that would be great to.