So I put out an ad awhile ago for guitar lessons and finally have my first two students. Thing is that its a father and son and I'm doing their lessons together. They have no previous experience playing guitar. I am kinda concerned on what to teach them. I was thinking maybe just a few basic chords to start (G and D) and some work with the E string, going up and down it maybe.

Anyone have any tips on giving lessons to beginners? Scales or songs for them to play and that sort
For now:
- Basic rhythm: whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes, rests, how to read rhythm.
- How to fingerpick.
- How to play using a pick.
- Major and minor chords in CDEFGAB.
- Scales.

In time:
- Circle of fifths in major, minor.

That's enough for a cursory education in music.
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Reading music. I can't emphasize enough how important that is. Start with first position notes on E, then B, G, and so on. Supplement those with little recognizable melodies (ode to joy, mary had a little lab, etc) and songs they might like (ask for their musical tastes). Lesson 1 with me is always an explanation of open E and quarter notes and quarter rests. Be sure not to go to fast.

When it comes time to go to chords, start with top 4 strings open chords (ie C with 1st and 2nd fingers only, G7 with first finger only) and then power chords to introduce moveable chord forms (I hate to say it, but they do help learn, just make sure to get them into bar chords before they become dependent on power chords)

then there's technique. From the beginning, emphasize proper technique. (fretboard in an upward direction, left arm close to body but still somewhat independent, lowered left wrist, arched fingertips, minimal thumb pressure, sitting up straight). I was lucky enough to have a teacher who knew proper technique, and I would've ended up hurting myself early on if it weren't for him.

Right hand can be a little more lax, I normally start with thumb, eventually getting to picking. When you introduce the pick, be sure to stress alternate picking, and have exercises in those (like a passage that is mostly offbeats, which would be played as upstrokes, or passages starting on offbeats, which would be played starting with the up then down, not the other way around). I introduce finger picking a little after that.
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I'd go with Alexander's post.
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Check out the Ultimate Guide to Guitar on this website, made by one of the users a few years back. It's pretty well written and teaching through it with your own spin will be quite effective!