Hello guys,

I'm a bassist but I would like to add guitar to my musical skills I know how to do powerchords, some chords, etc. So I'm not a real beginner. I played before on a ESP LTD MH-100QM but I didn't like it...
I would like to buy a guitar that can play any type of music but I really old rock (Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Clapton...). I don't have much money to spend, but I would like to have something descent. I planned on maybe buying a Squier Strato... What's your suggestions ?

If you don't mind buying used, look into 80's ibanez roadstars or blazers, great sound and feel, and because everyone has a boner for vintage fender and gibson stuff, you can get the vintage ibanez guitars for a steal. Plus I think those were some of the best guitars ibanez ever made. Made in Japan, excellent quality and playability.
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depending on budget, MIM fender strat, otherwise top-end squier, maybe a classic vibe.
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used MIM, depending on where you live you can find them on craigslist for ~$250 which is a great deal.
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If you don't mind buying used, look into 80's ibanez roadstars or blazers

+1 i had an 83 roadstar II, they're versatile and solid, quality instruments (MIJ). Plus if u look around enough you can find them for dirt cheap and in a number of different pickup configurations
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