morning pit.senior in high school and my career plans fell through. My mom actually brought the idea to my attention and Said "why dont you learn how to make and repair guitars since you like them so much". And I thought that was the smartest thing i ever heard. It would be an awesome thing to do for work, I could Network with other musicians and maybe form a band, And would be an excellent music related fallback career for when said band fails. lol


Im not sure weather I would go to this exact school. But something similar.

What are yourguy's thoughts on this? Is it a good Idea, or am i going to learn this and be out on the street due to lack of work in the field?
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There is an art called Luthiering and you'd be better off not going to school for it, instead taking up a mentor.

There is a luthier in Maine who builds guitars and gives them to Schools and whatnot. Not to mention locally made guitars will run you in the 7-9 hundred dollar range and people would rather get cheap Ibanez's.

EDIT; you'd probably get a better response in the Guitar building & customization forum.

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Thanks for your input. i might post it there aswell .
and yeah id rather not have to go to a full blown school. school and I dont get along so well
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Try to find out who the best repairman is in your area. Ask him if you can intern with him. You might have to do it for free for awhile, but you'll be able to learn some valuable info, that will put you ahead of the game.
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I wouldn't bother going to uni to study something like that. Get yourself some tools and get on it!
Also, I recommend this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Make-Your-Own-Electric-Guitar/dp/0953104907

That book is a good introductory text. However, it doesn't go into a lot of detail in some stages. Also, it's been around for a long time (one of the earliest books on the subject, I believe) and everyone who currently makes guitars has read it.
There's nothing in that book that you can't find online for free.

I built my first guitar after reading build threads on other forums. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to them here, but I'll hint at them indirectly.

One of them is dedicated to discussing Fender's first electric guitar.
The other is for owners of Gibson's carved-top solid body.

There are many great threads which detail every step of the process with plenty of pictures. I recommend reading several before you get started. There are several ways to complete each task, depending on which tools you have available. Make sure you know what to do before you begin.

Keep in mind, however, that becoming a professional luthier is not easy. It's very hard to compete with the big brands. The amount of work that goes into building a guitar from scratch is not worth the money you get at the end. You can't live off that. You might get a job repairing guitars at a music store.