This is the mixer my band uses:


I want to know if anybody has any idea how to use the little yellow compression knob on it. I know how to use compression and the different aspects of compression, I just don't understand how this ONE LITTLE KNOB does all of that haha The manual does not give a good description at all. It just says "the more you turn up the knob the more compression you get." Ok well thats fine and dandy, but what does that mean in terms of attack and threshold, etc?

I'm going to be buying a dual Alesis compressor to use for kick and snare anyway so I don't know why I care......
Fixed attack, fixed release, fixed ratio. It's a simple compressor, similar to something like an LA-2A. Those compressors really only have Output Gain and Peak Reduction. Basically, that knob on your mixer is either lowering the threshold to get more compression or raising the input gain into it to get more compression.
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^ that

but to really know what the effect is on your sound, honestly, just try it at practice and have somebody on the other side of the room to tell you how it sounds to the audience and figure out how heavy-handed the compression is and the nuances of the little knob.
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