I'm just wondering if Joe Pass' picking style is just classical or is it different in some ways? I'd love to be able to play jazz in somewhat of the same style as him and I'm wondering if I start learning to pick classically, will it have me on my way or are there differences in his playing?

I understand that jazz chords are generally played with your thumb and three fingers, it's just the lick playing that I'm wondering about.


From what I can see Joe's playing is much closer to the more 'normal' PIMA style than classical but then I'm not an expert on either so take what I say with a pinch of salt.
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Joe generally uses whatever finger is available for licks. For chords,he picks it pretty much as you said. His lick playing is completely different from classical playing though. For one, he uses a lot of hammers and pulls to get his faster notes out. He also will double up on playing with his fingers often so he'll strike several notes with just one finger in succession. I think he generally sticks to using his first two fingers for most licks. Not 100% on that though.