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I was discussing this with a friend at the pub the other day... There is such a variation in stratocasters that saying: "I like strats" is pretty meaningless these days. So what for you would make an ultimate strat?

I am a semi-traditionalist so my specs look something like this:

-Extremely light 1pc swamp ash (or pine) body (Under 4lb before hardware, ideally near 3)
-1pc 1/4 sawn maple neck with a huge C style neck (1" no taper like on the early Jeff Beck's) as I like the neck to be stiff along with light weight staggered tuners (no string tree)
-Steel vintage 6 screw tremolo unfinished (like a Callaham or Gotoh for example) with bent saddles. Set floating for a maj3rd up bend on the G.
-'54 styled pickups (my favourites are HD '54 specials and Lollar Blondes)
-Master volume, master tone controls

Finish-wise candy apple red all the way!

Enjoy the game... And the GAS.

EDIT: You guys reminded me I like 6230 fretwire and a 12" radius
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- 1pc Alder Body, Rosewood Fretboard.
- Creme or Mother of pearl neck binding.
- Abalone Dot Inlays.
- Steel 6-Screw Tremolo
- Locking Tuners
- Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk Pickups
- White or 2-Tone Sunburst Nitro-Cellulose Finish
- Master Volume, Seperate Tone Controls (in order to remove some treble from the bridge pickup whilst keeping the neck pickup on 10.
I'm not too fussy. as long as it has a maple fretboard, a humbucker in the bridge position and an alder body then I'm happy.
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I like 'em traditional-looking but with somewhat modern speck. 1-piece maple neck with black dot inlays and slim, modern C profile, radius around 9,5" or 10", alder body with a nice 3-tone burst. Singlecoils all the way, but something a bit hotter in the bridge - mine has a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 in the bridge atm, and will soon have SSL-1's in the neck and the middle. Standard, synchronized tremolo, but possibly some alternative style saddles - the height adjustment screws of the low E-string keep bugging my hand when I play.

And, of course, quality stuff, all the way - a bone nut, a steel saddle block, locking tuners and good electrics are the icing that I have yet to upgrade, but intend to. That's what I love about the Stratocaster - they have such incredible tweaking potential. As long as the wood is good, you can make an incredible guitar out of a cheaper one, just by investing to mods a little by little.

That's pretty much my ideal Stratocaster, but I do like other variations, too - lately I've been wanting a seriously hotrotted one in olympic white with a rosewood 'board and a retrofitted floyd rose, with a hot rails in the bridge and SSL-5's in the neck and middle... and I've always loved the red one that David Gilmour has, the one with the EMG's that he used on Division Bell. That album has awesome stratocaster tones on it.

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I don't own a Strat like this yet but... my specs would be.

1 piece modern C Maple neck
Basswood and or Alder Body
Locking Tuners
57 Bridge and Neck pups with a Dimarzo Rails in the bridge
2 or 3 tone Sunburst with white pickguard or White with Black pickguard. or white with Tortoiseshell. (thin skin finish)
American Standard Tremolo bridge

although I'm not super picky when it comes to Strats.
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I have a 2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster, and it's my favourite guitar so...

Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2008 specs, Candy Cola w/ rosewood
+ Seymour Duncan JB Jr pickups (bridge + neck)
+ Schaller Straplocks

I don't think it can get any better, sorry.
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I don't care to much as long as it's got a rosewood fretboard, vintage bent saddles and a single C in the bridge position.
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I love the Strat shape but none of the traditional features. For me the perfect Strat has a semi-hollow mahogany body, a hardtail bridge (with big block saddles), SxS pickups (bridge not angled), jack mounted in the pickguard, 3-way switch and no tone or volume controls.
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Alder body
24-fretted maple neck and either maple frets with black sharktooth inlays, or rosewood frets with abalone diamond inlays
White, metallic dark blue or metallic black cherry body /w black pickguard, gold hardware
Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, standard Strat middle pickup, DiMarzio Pro Track in the neck
Master volume, master tone knob, coil tap push-pull on volume
Kahler 2320
Grover tuners
Elixir Nanoweb .11-49s
X-Jumbo fretwire

...I know, I'm picky. But that's just about my dream guitar. xD I've put too much time into thinking about it.

EDIT:I forgot the black Jackson-style headstock. I want one of those too!
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1 piece white ash body
C- contour but flat fretboard maple neck
Dimarzio Tone Zone on the bridge
SD SSL-2 on bridge and neck
2 point wilkinson Trem

That about sums her up
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Swamp ash, 1 piece, maple neck (preferably maple fb too), with BKP mothers milk in neck and middle position and a BKP apache in the bridge.

Would love to own a stoptail strat one day...think it would be neat.
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1 piece alder body
Quarter sawn maple neck
'62 style veneer rosewood finger board
Medium frets, 7.25" radius
No string tree, staggered tuners
Callaham vintage style bridge
3 ply mint green pickguard
Seymour Duncan Custom Shop single coils
Master volume, neck tone, middle/bridge tone

Surf green, thin lacquer finish, thin tru-oil finish for neck

I got pretty close with the strat that I have now. I really dig the no string tree look. It makes the headstock look so much cleaner. And tru-oil feels so nice with a maple neck.

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what i play: Standard MIM HSS w/Dimarzio Super Distortion in bridge, black finish, rosewood board

what i want: Alder body, Super distortion bridge, jazz model neck, maple board, 70s headstock, sonic blue finish
Mahogany body, set neck mahogany neck, 22-fret ebony fretboard, 3 on a side headstock(PRS style),hss setup, tho SC wired as one humbucker, a volume for each pup and a kill switch beteween the two pots. Scarlet smokeburst finish, with a gloss neck.

But I don't even like the strat shape, so... PRS Custom 24 shaped.

But wait... I'm bulding it!(link in sig! )
I'm working on building a strat for playing hardcore/pop punk right now. It's going to have a somewhat bright sounding body (I want maple but that seems hard to find so I'll probably settle for alder or ash), bolt on 21 fret maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a CBS headstock, three hot rail pickups and I'll probably give it a transparent black or cherry red finish and a tortoise shell pickguard. That is basically my dream strat.

Edit: and it's going to have a hardtail bridge because I plan on setting it up for C# but I want to tune it down to B occasionally.
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Quote by francesco18
This one :

Fender Deluxe Lone Star Stratocaster
I've got one. It's... eh. Hard to get excited about. What you're looking at is a regular MIM Strat (mine is a 7-piece body!) with some moderately nice pickups thrown in it.

The old Lone Stars were at least MIA. Though if that's the vibe you like, look at a Richie Sambora signature Strat. Same deal as the Lone Stars but with a non-recessed Floyd for better tuning stability, a carved neck heel and an active mid boost to bring solos out.
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- 1pc Alder Body, 1pc maple neck/fretboard
- 24 Fret "Fat Strat"
- Mother of pearl neck binding.
- Abalone Dot Inlays.
- Hard tail bridge
- Grover Locking Tuners
- Invader Neck, Dimebucker Bridge
- Surf Green, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow
- Master Volume on each pickup

THIS IS THE BR00TALZ!! a strat
This is how I'd want a strat, if I had one.
Basswood Body
Maple neck and fingerboard
14-16 Radius neck.
Jumbo frets
22 frets because it's traditional
dummy tone controls
pickups would probably be single coils, but maybe just 5 more db of power.
Traditional tremelo

*Charvel, I know but the 9.5 or 7 inch radius throws off my playing especially when the frets are tiny. The most important thing for me on the guitar is the fingerboard radius.
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I currently have six strats. My favorites of the bunch is as follows:

Alder body
'62 style slab rosewood fretboard neck
medium frets
traditional 6-point floating trem, full sized steel block
BG Phatty pickups (Bryan winds these to P-90 specs)
Vintage Kluson tuners
weight about 8 lbs

One I just finished putting together....

Acrylic body
rosewood board neck - medium frets
Schaller tuners
GFS lil' Killer rail pickups
Wilkenson 2-point trem w. stainless saddles & full steel block set to float
weight... 14.5 lbs UGH!
I played a beautiful Masterbuilt strat when I was at Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd. I don't know the specs but it had a cherry-sunburst/aged cherry finish, maple fretboard, quite flat fretboard, chunky neck profile (was like my Les Paul), large frets and sounded FAT.

It was beautiful but not like your typical strat.

What probably would be my ideal strat would be - C or V shape neck, medium frets, maple fretboard, 9.5" radius, locking tuners, alder body, medium output pickups, fiesta red, lightly relic-ed, straplocks, nice case.

Pretty much one of the current run Custom Shops I think.
i currently play an 88 (technically an 89 since that is when they were released but all the parts are labeled 88 including the serial number) Strat Plus Deluxe. i definitely prefer the 9.5" radius over the old 7.25" radius although actually really prefer a 12" radius. this guitar has a maple fingerboard. the pickups are Lace Sensor, blue in the bridge and silvers in neck and middle. 2 point trem

my other "strat" is a Vineyard which has a basswood body with flame maple top and a rosewood fingerboard. the radius is 12". the pickups are stock and i'm not sure exactly what they are. they are hotter than a 50s or 60s style strat pup but not by much. 6 point trem.

both guitars still retain a fair amount of the "strat" sound but also have a vibe of their own. i'm not the most traditional strat player but still want a reasonable amount of what makes the strat sound so cool.
I have a 3 lbs ash body lying around here. I'm thinking at some point in the future I will want to do something with it but holes for the neck bolts are drilled wrong. I will need to redrill at some point. I really want a black strat with a flamed maple neck and gold hardware.
This would be my ideal Strat:

- Mahogany body, heaviest piece they can find
- 4-bolt maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 XJ frets
- 70's Fender headstock with Sperzel locking tuners
- Hardtail bridge
- 1 volume, 2 tones, 5-way selector
- Seymour Duncan Original Parallel Axis Trembucker in the bridge
- Standard Strat single coils in the middle and neck
- Candy apple red finish with black 3-ply pickguard.
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Alder Body, white finish/white pearl pickguard, 3 DiMarzio Area series single coils, modern C shape maple neck with 6100 frets, abalone face dots, classic Fender headstock, (hate the 70s ones) and full gold hardware.
-1 or 2 piece Ash body
-Maple neck and maple fretboard, nitro/tung oil finish 7.25" radius (normal headstock)
-21 frets and heel adjustment truss rod
-6-hole vintage tremolo (black, hard-tailed)
-Fender vintage noiseless pickups (black)
-Black Matte pickguard (8 hole)
-Vintage tuners
-All black hardware
-Black finish
Love strats, but Im not too picky. My MIM 70's reissue with texas special pups keeps me pretty happy right now.
My American Deluxe, with swamp ash body, N3 Noiseless pickups, rosewood fretboard, is pretty nice for me.
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my dream strat basically already exists, but ive yet to find one. 1985 Contemporary Strat:

just change the rosewood fretboard to ebony and theres no other strat out there for me
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This isn't going to be very traditional at all.
1 Piece alder body
5 Piece Maple/Walnut neck with Ebony fb
Hipshot trem
Schaller locking tuners
LSR Roller Nut
HSS - Dimarzio Crunch Lab/SD Quarter Pounds
Contoured & carved neck heel
1 11/16" nut
ESP Thin U neck like shape
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- Warmoth chambered basswood body with maple top.
- Maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 9.5" neck.
- Traditional hardtail bridge with string-saver saddles.
- Double-fat setup with F-spaced CrunchLab in the bridge and PAF Pro in the neck (both Dimarzio).
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i can tell you i don't like the traditional black/rosewood/white. or tortishell at atll. yuck.

for me strats are made and broken my their color and fretboard.

only maple fretboards.

i like the nashville setup with the strat SC in the middle, however i would love to have a P90 in the neck without the lipstick pickup and a SC strat style in the middle and traditional configuration in bridge.

my favorite color strat is an aged white (like what i currently have) with a matched aged pick guard, or the light green pickguard.
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- Mahogany body, heaviest piece they can find

Why do people keep thinking that heavy mahogany sounds better than the lightweight one? Actually, it's exactly the other way round.

Anyway, my dream Strat:

1-piece Alder body
Black satin nitro finish, gently aged
Pale Maple pickguard
Soft V-shaped Maple neck, satin finished
70's CBS headstock
Schaller locking tuners
Rosewood fretboard
MOP lightning bolt inlays
22 frets (6105)
Compound radius
Strat-style hardtail bridge
Bareknuckle VHII bridge, Irish Tours middle & neck
2x volume (1 for bridge, 1 for middle + neck), master tone
1 switch for splitting the humbucker, 1 passing lane switch
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My modified strat copy:
- Agathis body (sounds like basswood/alder)
- Maple neck + rosewood fingerboard
- Custom-made humbucker (Sublime Tiger's roar), two stock sigle coils (later changed to be Sublime singlebuckers)
- 1 Volume, 1 diconnected Tone, 5 way switch, 3 way switch to the humbucker (it has two different coils with different magnets)
- A vintage tremolo, blocked, modified to handle the .052 and the .044 strings
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Why do people keep thinking that heavy mahogany sounds better than the lightweight one? Actually, it's exactly the other way round.

Nothing to do with sound for me, I just like weighty guitars.
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