I've had my guitar for a bit over a month now and I'm starting to pick things up a bit, but I'm looking for some good material.

I got Rock Discipline and the exercises are definitely challenging. But I'm also looking for something on music theory (but still in the guitar context).
Big bonus if it's blues or jazz oriented since I'm looking to spice things up by branching out into other styles (I mainly listen to metal).

Any recommendations?
Guitar Secrets by Joe Satriani is an amazing guitar book that will help you out a lot with exercises and understanding of some theory.

Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick is also a really good book that has helped me a lot in my playing.

As for theory, the very BEST book of music theory I have is Jazz Theory by Mark Levine. Although, it is very complex and you would probably need someone that knows what they're talking about to go through the book with you, but if you have a basic understanding of theory then you should be fine, just run through it slowly and carefully, absorbing every detail.
It has some sections on Blues, Latin Jazz, Salsa, etc. so it is a very diverse book on theory. It's amazing. I love it!

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Any other suggestions? Something more suited to someone who wants to start learning theory? (ie no previous knowledge)