Ive recently gotten into home recording and i need a better bass guitar. right now i have my 7yr old Ibanez gsr 200, and its a piece of junk haha. the sound is sub-par, and the string tension/playability is far less then desirable for me.

im technically a guitarist although the bass guitar was what i played first (played for about 2 years and took lessons before i switched) so i do know how to properly play the instrument.

i play all types of metal and downtune almost all the time. i use mostly drop tunings, drop B all the way down to drop G#.

because of that, im looking into buying a low end 5-string.

obviously the gsr sounds mostly like scratching and floppy noises anywhere past B so im looking to upgrade to a more playable, cleaner sounding bass guitar.

ill be recording mostly DI using bass amp sims and Impulse cabinets.

my budget is ideally underneath $300, but am willing to go to around $350ish.

ill buy used no problem.

so far Ive found these dirt cheap 5 strings and was wondering if you guys knew anything about them, and ultimately, will it be the upgrade form the gsr that im looking for? im also looking for a recommendation in my price range.

im not against the 4 string option, i just feel the string tension on the 5 will be what im looking for.

anyway heres the two ive found:


absolutley dirt cheap, 5 strings, and 35" scale for improved string tension. low quality basswood, but it sounds about right. will it be more workable then the gsr? or is it total nonsense.


slightly better quality wood, mahogany body, walnut/maple neck, 35" scale.

but is it that much better than the super cheap dean? i know mahogany is probably a better tone wood for what im looking for, but i know schecter uses low grade wood which is why they're a relatively inexpesive brand. so would it be worth the extra $$$?

sorry for the ranting, and thanks in advance for any help offered guys!
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First off, the string tension on a 5 and 4 string are exactly the same. One just has an extra string but they are under the same string tension. For that price range, your best bet is to go used. You can find (like I did) a nice MIM Fender Jazz Bass or Precision Bass for around $300. Other brands to look for used in that price range are Peavey and Ibanez (the SR series). I'm sure others on this forum will have more suggestions but those are mine. Dean has garbage quality for basses and Schechters are iffy at best.
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i've been looking into a replacement/addition to my yamaha rbx 270 and have played a few other yamaha basses and i quite liked this one but definitely look used.
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Honestly I'd probably convert your bass to BEAD tuning (yourself or by a tech), and use the rest of the money to put towards your recording ambitions maybe upgrade/add a preamp. Your modeling everything as it is, and your budget doesn't afford much past what you have for your needs.

Only reason I'd suggest buying another bass is if you had to have a 5 string. Also at your number of tunings you might just need a lot of basses or spare time to restring and re setup.