I am wondering what grade book I should look into getting as I want to start doing rockschool grades. I can't really think of the most difficult so I will just list some common songs I can play Another Bites The Dust, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Blackbird, Black Curtains Megadeth (Intro), Pentanic (not a song but whatever, tell me if they range in difficulty and I'll list which one), My Preogative, Bullet in the Head, Lips of Deceit by Avenged Sevenfold (Intro, to a standard near perfection).
If you want me to attempt something I will if you can find a Guitar Pro tab, all these songs listed I can play well or more.
id say grade 3 is a nice place to start. has some cool songs in it too. id reccomend download and trench town
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I don't really understand you half the time but judging from what I could, I would say the beginner level. Not trying to be a dick, just judging by those songs, and the fact that the Megadeth song you can only play the intro of, I would still say you are still in the beginning fazes. Stick with the rhythm sections of songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica. Songs like Californication, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Otherside, Seek and Destroy. Maybe some Foo Fighters stuff too. Learn the songs entirely. I know most of those songs are boring as shit but it will be fun for you for a while.
Learn Everlong, super easy song but it's fun to play. Once you have that mastered move on to some beginner AC/DC stuff, and try and learn some of the solos. You Shook Me All Night Long is where I started and that was a pretty easy solo to learn. If you want work on finger picking there really isn't a better starting point than Stairway in my opinion. Also look up A Tout Le Monde by Megadeth, again easy song but it's fun to play.
I was looking at Been There and I'm pretty sure with practice I could play most of that as on attempt I got most of it in time, except the solo which looks very difficult. So should I attempt grade 3?