Hello UGers,
I have been building my own shorter guitar for easier transport. Because of the shortened scale length, the pitch become much higher (sounds like banjo now) even if I use thicker strings for the same note. I use this guitar strings calculator to find guitar string calculator the tension and diameter for the strings.

Anyway is that anyway I can make a shortened guitar sounds the same before the "cutting"?

Thanks in advance!
What have you actually made? What scale length is the guitar?

Smaller string length means less tension not more (the pitch wouldn't raise).

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Your description doesn't really make any sense. You can tune anything down to the desired pitch that you want (ignoring playability) It's tuning up that is limited by the breaking tension of your strings.

Your issue with a shorter scale is how slack the strings will feel if you tune the low string to an E2. You'd have to use very thick strings in order to tune that low on a very small guitar, or have extremely high action.

You typically want 20-30 pounds of tension on each string, so if you're trying to use that calculator you linked, that's what you should enter for the tension.

It would greatly help if you weren't so vague in your description. What's the scale on this guitar, if it's like the LP Pee Wee (19"), you might have to mix and match electric guitar and bass guitar string sets (supposedly 12's work for standard tuning, but it might be very slack).
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I use 9's on many of my mini guitars, and I have no problem with tuning. I don't fret as heavy while playing, which helps the intonation. It makes no real sense to make your own small scale guitar, there are lots out there ( I have 90!)
It's been over a year since the OP started this thread, so I'm sure he has it nailed by now.

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