OK, so I'm running my tube head into 2 separate cabs at 8 ohms a piece. I have my amp set at 4 ohms. However, I was wondering if there was a device that could allow me control over which cabinet receives more signal (is louder)?

In essence:


And set the "splitter" such that cab1 receives 75% of the signal and cab2 receives the other 25%... I'm inexperienced with complicated impedance conversions, so this may not even be possible, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for.

Help or suggestions?
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Nothing commercially available, no. You'd more or less have to have an attenuator setup and then volume controls to the outputs. It's not impossible but it would be expensive and I'm not sure the benefit would be great.
Yes. A dual channel, or stereo amp. Not many of them exist for electric guitars, but they are plentiful for acoustic guitars. You'd still have to split the signal going into the amp, but you could vary how much goes to each cab by twiddling with the volume controls.
Yea, I figured as much.

My friend had 2 power amp volume controls on his bass rig which controlled the volume for each of his cabinets. His being able to mix the 2 to his liking was cool.

Thanks guys.
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