This is something i recently wrote.
It's made in tuxguitar and converted to mp3.

I think i got some inspiration from Antheil's awesome A Jazz Symphony, where there are lot's of different things happening.

it's kind of funny music
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Haha I actually kinda liked it. It reminded me of a boss fight in a Mario game or something. I'm assuming this was all keyboards?
Signatures are too mainstream
This piece is definitely interesting.
I liked the section when the hihat came in. I think that section has the potential to be lengthened via key changes, and instruments could improv over the top of the bassline continuously.
I loved the final chord. Biggest "wtf?" moment of the piece, in my opinion.
Also, dynamics would be a nice addition.
thanks for the comment!

for others looking at this thread, but not commenting:
you can tell me if you hate it, like it, think it's stupid, weird etc.
I can take it :p
NICE, totally had a 80's arcade vibe man, total awesomeness you could surly make that a much longer jam. IN regard to your comment on my songs i personally hate between a rock and a hard place, that's why i have a second take up and i know about the quietness of my voice that's because i'm singing and playing thought my laptop mic.
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I could definitley see this as some crazy awesome video game intro. Really cool and different.
Only thing I would consider is the transaction at the 46/47 second mark. The high hat should maybe stay with that to keep a constant flow possibly?
Also like said before, dynamics would be a good add on. Maybe some panning with some of the different insturments.
Really like the vibe going on and the acoustic guitar is what contributes most to that i think. I really like the acoustic guitar at 0:12, reminds me of some old TV-show which i cant put my finger on what it was. The distorted guitar is nice and makes the song heavier and more surprising. What i dont really like is the "violin" in some parts. It just sounds too off even if i know thats what you looking for in some way.
Crazy but cool song overall!
Haha very interesting...

Not something I would normally listen to but it had a nice chaotic feel. I do wonder how this would sound with real instruments. Some parts sounded pretty cool though, one guitar part sounded like it would be in a Dream Theater song.