I find the start with the gaps between chords sounds a bit empty, maybe have bass fill it in the background or a lead part.

1:15ish: Cool little section, again maybe prolong the notes so there are no gaps in the lead part

You could mix it up a bit in the 2nd and 3rd verses so it's not repetitive.

The solos are not bad, fairly clean playing and the 2nd one is much better than the first imo...more interesting.

Good job anyway, with vocals it'll be a decent tune!

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i agree with sovngarde that the spaces between the chord should be filled with a nice melodic bassline.
But if you're going to add vocals then that could also be nice!

I do feel that a bass is missing in this tune.
There's also a long repeating part going from around 3:10 until the solo at 4:40.
I would make that space a bit shorter, less repeating.

The first solo isn't bad.
the second solo is better, but i would suggest you work on your bends.
I would maybe put the solo over the repeating part at 3:10., because now you placed it at the end, but that would have been better if you'd continued until the very end.
For the ending, i would have liked it better if you'd let the last chord fade out instead of ending it suddenly.

c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1517886