I'm probably going to be ordering an amp soon, and I have a few options. I don't really know each option does/looks like, so if someone could describe and/or provide examples, it would really help me. Here are the options:
Tolex Color (Black, White, V White, Red, Purple, Orange, Boa, Green, Cocoa, Blue, Silver)
Piping Color (Gold, Silver, White, Black)
Grill Cloth (Black Basket Weave, Natural Basket Weave, Salt and Pepper Basket Weave, Natural and White
Headshell Style (Plexi, Pro Mod, Super Stock, Super Comp, "800 style", Nitro)
Front Panel Cutout Options (Mesh, Clear Lexan, Grill Cloth)
Control Panel (that's the metal plate behind the knobs, right?) (Silver, Gold, White)
Control Knobs (I know this one) (Silver, Gold, Black Chickenhead, White Chickenhead, Red Chickenhead)

Here's a reference for the colors and styles: http://www.splawnguitars.com/custom08.htm

Also, what would look the best?
I don't like Super Comp, Super Stock, or the boa color. I think I kinda prefer the 800 style or Plexi. Nitro is okay...

Oh, and I'm getting a combo. Is headshell customization even available?
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