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I can't explain the way I felt when my eyes first followed the curves of her body from the ground up. She was standing there completely unaware that I couldn't take my eyes off her. The way she smiled, laughed and took center stage in anything she was a part of. She had short spikey hair and gorgeous big blue eyes with a northern accent that left you hanging endlessly on her words. I remember going into the store in which she worked for an interview praying that I would get hired as I was running out of reasons to shop while she was working. After a short period of time I was hired and luckily for me she was one of my managers. It was no secret to those with whom I worked that her secret wasnt much of a secret at all, she dated women. I of course had friends who would get intoxicated at parties and make out with other girls and I never really thought much of it. But I found myself volunteering like crazy to go into work and I was checked the schedule to see when she was wor
king. She would enter the work place and my eyes would light up. She had to notice me, lost in space at my register staring aimlessly at her wondering what it would be like to be near her. One day I happened to walk up on a conversation she was having with another lesbian at work about going out dancing. She asked if I wanted to go, I felt my heart drop. Could I be dreaming? Without any thought I blurted out " with you, of course"! oh my god did I really just scream that? yes I did. She and her friend kinda laughed and told me she would meet me back at the store at 8 pm. The club was about an hour away and we all had to be careful of who knew that we were hanging out togther because of company rules. I spent the next few hours agonizing over what I should wear, and what she might be wearing and why did she ask me to go out with them. 8:00 rolls around and im waiting in the parking lot. Her and her group of friends arrive, she tells her friends that we should take two cars
just incase some people want to leave before others, I of course volunteered to go with her. As I get in her SUV there was a sudden rush of her cologne that sent a wet cold feeling in my panties. oh my god I just smelled her and im already going crazy inside. There had to be a reason for why she asked me to go, I mean did she like me as well?. After a few minutes of silence I slid my hand over onto her leg and asked her why she really invited me to go. She looked alittle stunned and replied with " I thought you would have a good time, you seemed like a fun girl". My heart kinda dropped I was confused, did she want me there as a friend? Did I just create this whole situation out of something that was meant to be nothing more than friendship? We walked around the club and checked it out. On the dance floor there were benches that were set up along the wall. It was a hot summer night and the place was packed. We all danced and seemed to be having a great time. I took a break
and sat on the bench by the dj booth and watched her for a few moments. She went to the bar and grabbed an ice water, as she stood in front of me asking me if I needed anything I took the glass from her hand. I took a drink and made sure to leave some ice in my mouth. She asked for her glass back and I motioned for her to come closer as if I was going to tell her something, once she got close enough I pressed my lips against her and slide the ice into her mouth with my tongue. I could feel the chill that went through her body at that moment. I didn't want to move, my pussy was throbing and I had her right there, right in the moment. She received the ice and pulled back alittle to tell me thank you, then she leaned in and pulled my head closer to her and traced my lips with her tongue. From there we had a good two hour hot make out session on the dance floor as the lights when crazy and the temps continued to rise. The night seemed to slip away and before we knew it, the bar
was closed and we were at breakfast. We made the hour drive home, but this time my hand was interlocked with her free hand while she was driving. We arrived at the parking lot where all that was left was my car as well as a few cars of late night shoppers. She opened my car door and walked me to my car. I give her a hug goodbye... she softly kisses my lips again. I lean back against the drivers side door of my car and she starts kissing my neck, softly at first and then alittle harder. I find myself softly moaning in excitement in her ear. Her hands caress my sides. I'm of course dripping wet and before I could get any words out of my mouth I feel her hand slip down through my tight little panties. Once she gets to my wet pussy, she lets out a moan at how wet I was. She slowly slide her fingers inside of me and started going back and fourth. It felt so good I could barely manage to hold myself up against the car. I wanted it so bad and it felt so good. She kept ****ing me
up against the car, Somehow my pants ended up half way off and around one ankle as my legs were wrapped around her waist as she kept me pinned against the car ****ing me. Finally I couldnt take anymore. She apologized for taking it that far and before she could finish I pressed my lips against hers and started passionately kissing her. We would continue to date and **** for the next three months. I would fall madly in love with this woman. My southern mother heard rumor via the store I was working at that I was dating my lesbian boss. My mother managed to get her demoted and I was forbidden to have anything to do with her again. Not a day goes by that I dont miss the sensual way she touched me, the way she could make my pussy tremble with the brush of her hand on my waist. I have never allowed another woman to touch me again, somewhere in Nebraska I know that she remembers those summer nights as much as I do...
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
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Sadly, I was the threatened.
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