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She didn't remember at what point she had first become curious, but thinking back, she was always glad that she had.

There were a few times Nikita had attempted toying with herself to no avail. She would think about what sex must be like until she felt herself get tight and wet, but then would become frustrated when she discovered there seemed to be no way to ease her yearning. Her virginity was something special to her, and she wanted to give it to the right person... so how was she to satisfy herself in the meantime?

The girls at school were so uptight and virginal. They seemed to know even less about sex than she herself. There was one girl, Jasmine, who she could identify with, as they were best friends, but she would never ask Jasmine any questions in fear that she would feel uncomfortable.

One night, she and Jasmine were having a sleep-over. She liked it at Jasmine's house because, unlike her own parents, Jasmine's parents trusted her to be alone by herself. Everytime she stayed at Jasmine's, they always had the house to themselves until late.

They were watching a movie they knew they would get in trouble for if Jasmine's parents were home, but they had heard a lot about it and wanted to see it. A sex scene came on (which, she thought, in retrospect, was fairly innocent) when the girls began to ponder.

"You know, this should probably be gross, but it's not," Jasmine commented, with a michevious sparkle in her eyes.

"Yeah, I kind of like it," Nikita had responded, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Well, does it make you feel weird?"

"In a good way," she had responded without thinking.

"I always get frustrated after watching things like this, though," Jasmine confessed.

"Yeah, me too."

"Have you ever played with yourself?" Jasmine blurted.

"Yeah, but I never get anything out of it."

"There was one time I tried, and it kind of felt good, but I don't think I had an orgasm," Jasmine told her.

"Same here... where was it that you touched that felt good?"

"Do you want me to show you?" Jasmine asked shyly.

She nodded. Slowly, Jasmine pulled off her pajama pants to reveal a black thong. Nikita had been suprised. She had always wanted to wear one, but it seemed a little too slutty for her. The most she had tried was string bikinis, which she had decided she liked (in a secret way, and now she wore them all the time).

...But Jasmine looked good. The thong showed off her curves and her beautiful tan. She shyly pulled off her panties and sat on the couch.

"Have you ever played with your boobs?" Nikita had asked.

"Yeah, but that gets me the most frustrated of all," Jasmine replied.

"Well, try it... maybe we can figure it out." She was starting to get wet now. Her body tensed with anticipation, although she didn't know why.

Jasmine took off her top and bra to reveal her small, perky breasts. She lay back on the couch and stroked one nipple.

"Try doing it in circles."

Jasmine did, and as she did that, her hips arched. Her friend could see the lips of her pussy getting swollen, and she could feel herself getting tighter. Jasmine kept circling her nipples until she moaned, which greatly arounsed her Nikita.

Unable to help herself, Nikita stroked her friend's other breast. This caused a huge moan to escape from Jasmine's lips.

"I'll take care of you next," She said, and spread her legs wide.

Nikita was delighted to see Jasmine's pussy virtually dripping wet now, and she paused to part Jasmine's lips with one hand.

"Where does it feel good?"

"Oh, I don't know," Jasmine moaned, "Just play around and help me find what feels good."

Nikita sucked on her finger. She knew that it was sometimes uncomfortable to touch herself without her finger being moist first, although she didn't think she would have that problem with Jasmine, as wet as she was.

Nikita massaged the opening of her friend's wet ****, and was rewarded with a small moan of pleasure. She used two fingers to hold her friend's lips open while she did this. Nikita noticed how her friend's insides twitched when she did certain things, which she took note of. Part of her wanted to do those things over and over again to give her friend maximum pleasure, but part of her wanted Jasmine desperate. She kept exploring the outside of Jasmine's pussy, not quite daring to enter her. Finally, her finger found a curious nub of flesh toward the top of her friend's pussy. She didn't know what this was or what it was for, but it was swollen and pink. Not wanting to hurt her friend, she curiously swirled her finger around it lightly. This was accompanied by a loud moan from Jasmine and a powerful thrust of her hips.

Nikita could take it no more. She put her index finger into Jasmine's pussy a little way in, and felt Jasmine's tight pussy surround it and contract immediately.

Jasmine was panting now, and moving her hips back and forth to make Nikita's touch stronger. Her pussy was dripping wet and her cheeks were flushed. This made Nikita wildly horny. She touched the tip of what she had finally figured out was Jasmine's clit and flicked it as she rammed what was now two fingers into Jasmine's dripping ****. She did it faster and faster until Jasmine convulsed and screamed. Not wanting to stop, Nikita did it again and again until Jasmine was exhausted.

It was now Nikita's turn. She threw off her clothes as she panted, wild with excitement. Jasmine immediately had her mouth on Nikita's nipples.

"Oh god, it feels so good," Nikita cried.

"Show me where you touched me, Nikita."

Nikita guided Jasmine's hand to where she had discovered her clit was. Jasmine blew on it and was pleased to see Nikita's muscles contract. Jasmine, who was no longer self conscious, immediately slid her finger into Nikita's aching pussy, and swirled the wetness around the place Nikita had touched on Jasmine's body.

Nikita's body convulsed.

"Oh my god, did that feel as good to you???" Nikita asked deliriously.

Jasmine replied with a grin. Nikita wanted to be satified in the way she had satified Jasmine right then, but Jasmine could be a bitch, and wouldn't touch where Nikita wanted her to until Nikita screamed in passionate frustration. Finally, and quick as a cat, Jasmine licked Nikita's throbbing clit and fingered her friend just as it was done to her. Unlike Nikita, however, Jasmine found a knob of flesh inside Nikita's pussy as well as the one outside, which she massaged with relish as she licked Nikita's clit.

Nikita exploded furiously in a matter of seconds, actually shooting her hot juices all over in a way Jasmine had not. When it was all over, Jasmine smiled coyly and said, "Next time, you have to teach me how to do that..."