Hey Guys,

I have my heart set on doing Master Exploder by Tenacious D for a talent show.


Predictably, I'm having a hard time hitting the highest note while just belting it out (tough love on the vocal cords), on my best i can get two steps too low.

Now, i can do it falsetto no problem, the only thing is, i don't wanna use falsetto for the first time he hits the highest note.

Any advice in how to push it the extra bit?

Any help extremely appreciated.

soadamy <3

I saw it on the internet [Pit], so it must be true!

Hey, you can do what you can do. You're not gonna higher your range in such a short time, and trying to push it just damages your voice. Just use falsetto.
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What you need to do is be using your falsetto, but resonating your voice forward and upward within your nasal cavity. This uses the ease of your falsetto to hit the note in the first place, but changing the location of resonance of the note will make it sound stronger and as if it's in your chest voice (if you do it well enough). Look up and study "nasal resonance."
I don't think jack can even hit that note live... I read somewhere that that part of his voice was edited in the studio but never hurts to keep working until you can reach it
Do a YouTube search for "finding head voice." SingingSuccess and RocktheStageNYC have some good tips.
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How high does he actually go in that? In scientific pitch notation, cause knowing that'll make it a lot easier to work towards the goal