Is there any program that can really "change" a voice? Like it has various effects you can apply to the voice to make it sound different? I don't expect to get anything, but trying doesn't hurt. Thing is, I can't sing and have no connection to anyone who can sing (especially in the kind of voice I'm wanting). Thus, I'm hoping to record me singing badly and then apply an effect to the recording so it at least gives me a reminder. I'm wanting to get at least a rough draft of a song I'm writing before I forget it. Even if I knew how to properly write music, I wouldn't be able to get on paper the exact "scratchiness/messiness" of the voice in addition to the rhythm/timing/whatever. Probably should learn how to write music though.
I know there's a thread listing different software programs that can be used, but I'd rather not download each individual one and spend 20 minutes exploring every feature on every single one.
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I'm sorry, this is ludicrous.

Either learn to sing, or get someone else to sing your songs.

If you want to record rough drafts, even the worst singer in the world can probably get it down well enough to remember the tune you've written. There are all sorts of things a highly experienced producer can do to improve a vocal recording (melodyne, formant shifting etc) but at the end of the day it's still an exercise in turd-polishing.

Get singing!