I have recently run into a healthy sum of money and was looking to buy a new amp.
My budget is around $500-$700; and I've got no problems buying used.

I play funk/rock/blues.
I'm looking for an amp that is going to last me awhile. I want to be able to jam, gig, and record with it.

I've got a Mexican Strat with a humbucker in the bridge, and a Boss ME-70.

What I need to get from this amp is good cleans, and a good overdrive sound, so I'm not looking for a lot of distortion or anything. I'm looking to get a John Frusciante-ish sound. Think Can't Stop for a nice clean/slightly overdriven sound and a generic strat in a bridge pickup sound.

What do ya'll recommend?
Frusciante uses/used Marshall Jubilee and Fender Reverb amps - try looking in the used market for those.
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Carvin Nomad/Bel-Air

Sharp, shimmering, articulate cleans plus a good drive channel for classic rock.
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Carvin Nomad/Bel-Air

I second the Bel-air.
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