I'm selling a dark blue, strat style Ed Roman Pearlcaster. It has 3 Seymour Duncan Pickups and it sounds pretty amazing. Theres nothing wrong with this guitar, I just have a few too many and I play this one the least.

This is a pretty rare guitar, and it plays super well. I'm only interested in selling this face to face with some one, so no mailing or shipping on this one. I'm asking for $800, but I am willing to negotiate. I also am open to some trading, but no promises.

I also have a Peavey bass cabinet with 15" speakers, and a black Epiphone Les Paul Studio with EMG 81/85 Humbuckers. I am asking $150 for the Cab and $300 for the LP. It sounds pretty bitchin', although it hasnt been played in awhile and the strings are a little rusty. The high E string has snapped but is easily replaceable