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Whenever I take Ibuprofen, it always makes me feel at least 70% better no matter what my symptoms are. It is literally my miracle drug.

So, Pit, do you have any over-the-counter medications that fix world problems?
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I don't take medicine, it makes people soft. I guess I just earn for the good ole'days where the sick and hurt usually died with a week. Natural selection was a powerful thing.
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Paracetamol plus, nice little caffiene kick too but if you take them and ibuprofen together it's the buisness. (And yes it's safe to do so)
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I agree with Ibuprofen. Whenever I get a migraine that's what I take. It works great.

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Caffeine, which is also like half of the world's miracle drug.
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Whenever I take Ibuprofen, it always makes me feel at least 70% better no matter what my symptoms are. It is literally my miracle drug.

So, Pit, do you have any over-the-counter medications that fix world problems?

Oh yeah, love that delicious placebo taste
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I am so surprised nobody has said weed yet.


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Ibuprofen and caffeine are my go to drugs.

Iburofen always works with headaches for me.

Afrin or sudafed is a beast for congestion.
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I really don't like taking medicine when I'm ill. However, for the sake of others, I'll sometimes pop a midol when need be.
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Arsenic. Warms me right up.
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/flesh off arms and legs

I did a project that touched upon that, nasty shit.

DMT gets it done for me. or Ayahuasca.
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MDMA, makes you feel like everything is just gonna be okay no matter what kinda shit your in. And also if you have ANY physical symptoms of ANY magnitude, it makes you either not able to feel them or forget about them. Makes ya just feel great. Too bad it only masks the effects and it's temporary.

If I ever had to fight a huge guy or something I'd take MDMA. Make my ass-whooping feel great!
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I am so surprised nobody has said weed yet.


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And weed.


I really like amphetamine too
i stopped taking medicines about 3 years ago. i feel like people take them too often. if i have a headache, i can just deal with it, drink water and what not. i feel like the more aspirin you take the less it effects you, so if i break my arm, i want my medicines to be effective. yeahits extreme but im weird.

oh, i see the weed posts

i feeel like synthetic acid is nice. it makes you feel more and understand more. its definitely a miracle drug. i advice all musicians to take 2c-i or 2c-b at least once for the experience. listen to siberian breaks by mgmt and sun of nothing by btbam. if you dont cry, you have no soul.
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Tramadol hydrochloride. Yyyep.
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im currently writing a research proposal for funding to make my miracle drug(anticancer and also gives the patient 2 superpowers of their choice) if that counts

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Occasional stimulants for the body.
Marijuana and beer for the mind.
Mushrooms for the soul.

Strength with the trinity fights sickness and "dis ease".
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