Is there any discernable difference between 9's and 10's? My Schecter has 10's and my ESP has 9's, I like the feel of the 10's better but I honestly cannot distinguish any difference in sound. If I was to put 10's on my ESP would I need to adjust the action? The difference between the two guages are minimal but I don't want to F anything up as I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to this stuff. Thanks
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Your 9's I'm sure will feel obviously looser and easier to play. Tone wise there is very little difference between 9's and 10's unless your extremely anal in my opinion, but compare say a 9 to a 12 pack and its an obvious difference. Even my drummer friend was able to hear it.

You might have to check your overall general setup and intonation after switching strings. If your not sure how to do this, either look up tutorials or take it to an expert.
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