I have been looking at the mastercraft 20/40 switchable wattage iron and the weller 20 watt, from canadian tire, what is the correct amount of wattage to melt solder, and re-solder pickups to pots? my limit is like $10-40, and i would also need something to remove the solder once melted.. i have no idea of what to use for that. Help?

I would also like to know what kind of solder i would need for guitar work, i've heard 60/40 rosin core would work, but not sure if i can find any in my area.

need replies asap
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either of those will do you fine if you won't be soldering too often..if it'll become a more frequent hobby then I'd consider something a bit more expensive/powerful

to remove solder, you can use a solder sucker/pump, or copper braid..I don't really know anyone who prefers the braid, since it's not really reusable and isn't as easy to use
I'm not sure if CT has solder suckers, but if they don't then you should be able to find one easily at the source

and yep, 60/40 rosin core is pretty safe for just about anything you'll be doing, so it's a solid choice
Weller is a far superior product than mastercraft. I have a Weller 25w and I find it just does the trick and wouldnt want to have to use anything with less power or anything over 40w. To remove solder I either use this stuff specifically made for it (can't remember the name, solder wick or something?) or just a wet kleenex/sponge. Rosin core 60/40 solder is pretty easy to find, radioshack carries it.
I beleive mine is a 25 or 30w from Weller from Canadian tire, and its just right. It could be 5w more then what it is, but its great to learn on and pretty hard to ruin a pot with it. I use solder wick from Guitarfetish, along with their wire. Try to get thinner solder wire then the thick stuff, it will melt faster and make things easier. 60/40 is fine, but I hear 63/57 is 'better'
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^ i think you mean 63/37, cause 63/57 would add up to 120%

i think that 20W is to weak to be effective for soldering most electrical stuff. it will get the job done, but you will have to leave the tip on the component longer. and that can mess things up if you take too long. i have a 25W iron, and i wish i had gone for 30W or 35W. 35W is a solid choice for guitar electronics.
15-20 watt is more for work on PCBs in my experience. I like at least a 35-50 watt setting for bigger stuff like this. I use a butane iron most of the time now so you can't really determine wattage on it. To me it's just far easier to work with (no cable) and heats up much faster.