Just a quick question about the difference in sound/tone/whatever.
if i were to tune my guitar to drop D, and do an open power chord, would it sound any different than if i were to do a low D power chord in D standard tuning?

I'm mostly just curious about if it would have a different tone to it or whatnot. and i have tried googling this, and nothing came up on this exact subject.
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They'll sound a bit different but it's technically the same notes. There will be a slight difference in string tension. Try it if you're curious. I notice a slight difference (I prefer standard), but it's not significant enough that I'd choose a tuning based solely on that.
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It'll sound exactly the same, though obviously it may feel rather different depending on the string gauge you use for each tuning. If anything, D Standard may sound a little less muddy as with Drop D you tend to use one string much thicker than the others which can make chords sound imbalanced. but assuming you use an appropriate string gauge and have the guitar set up for each tuning, no, there's no reason to belive they will sound noticably different.
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D Stdrd
Is that what you're asking?
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Just a very very subtle difference do to a different string tension, and the fact that open notes resonate a bit differently, like how you can hear the difference between an open chord and a barre chord.

I feel like I can hear the difference on my guitars, and that standard tunings end up sounding better than the dropped equivalent, but why don't you see if you can hear the difference yourself. If you can't hear the difference on your guitar(s) then it's whatever.
alright, thanks guys. i have done it before, my guitar is currently in standard D, i just didn't know if my ear was poorly developed or if they were the same. this was just pure curiosity.
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