i know the basic notes are C/#/D/#/E/F/#/G/#/A/#/B/C

but for like the g key of g its gabcdef# g is open then u go to a then b but why isnt is a# to b why are u skipping the sharp im lost here if anyone understands i know there is no sharps bettwen ef b and c
Because a major scale is a specific interval of half and whole steps not just half steps

G-A is whole step A-B is a whole step B-C is a half step C-D is a whole step D-E is a whole step E-F# is a whole step F# to G is a half step...thats what makes a major scale
the "basic notes" is called the chromatic scale
those are 12 notes C-C or whatever they have 12 notes which is what we use in our music there ar eother system but they arent as popular...anyway
a major scale doesnt use all 12 of them just 7 of them if it used all 12 of them if would be the G chromatic scale but that doesnt mater much really sincea chrmoatic scale doesnt really resolve too well

but i recomend you read up a bit on scales ad theory to help you understand it better than i can type it here
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Ready to have your mind messed up? In some scales, there is such a thing as an E# and an Fb.

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