So I've been eyeing some tube heads lately, and the Randall rt series have sparked my interested, just I cant find many reviews or videos on YouTube about them. Does anyone have any experience with the Randall rt's?
Im thinking the rt503 cause its in my price range, under $1000, 50 watts cause i don't need a 100 watt amp, and it's Randall, how could you go wrong right?
Thanks in advance
Haven't played that style Randall yet.

I found one cheap- http://www.zzounds.com/item--RANRT503H look at the price on the blemished one.

Have you looked into the RM series? You can change the pre-amps for more flexibility.

RM 50 is great. Two channels, head or combo.
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I have, but haven't heard much on the mts models either. Just don't know about the price, each preamp is like 200-300, so not sure if I'm fond of searching for the right 2 or 3 modules for 200 a pop. But it's always an option
The blemished one in the link I sent was $490.

Hopefully someone else can chime in that has played one.

The nice thing about the RM/RTS series is that you CAN change your pre-amps- much cheaper then replacing the amp. Not cheap by any means but cheaper then buying a bunch of amps that you aren't satisfied with the sound.
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Don't get me wrong, the possibility of multiple preamps/modules whatever, sounds pretty badass, different options would be nice. Plus the lack of opinions and experiences with the rt heads bothers me
There is a whole community that makes different pre-amps for them as well.

Trick is finding either a new one were you can pick the pre-amp modules or buy one used.

Recently in Orange County one popped up for $380 in combo form. Perfect shape. Guy was broke and needed money. I'd have jumped on it but I am saving for a ring for the GF.
I'll have to look into em more, but I appreciate your help. Now if the sold em empty, so I can choose the modules, that'd be nice