Was hoping to get some feedback on a folk/indie song I made. A friend of mine sang and did most of the insturments, I mixed it came up with the idea and played the solo.


Supposed to be about how the natives had their land taken from them and now we are haunted by it.
for the intro i would have liked it better if you'd let those sound effects fade in and then after about 10seconds let the guitar jump in!

The vocals sounded very nice until 1:00 . you then removed the reverb?
Also the voice started to sound flat around that time.
It really wasn't pleasant to hear!
those sound effect would only work if there are images supporting it.
So for a video clip or something.

Then again, the voice sounds great with reverb, but bad without it!
the solo isn't bad, but it sounded a bit too loud imo.
the space at 2:56 is good. but unfortunatly it goes back to his bad voice.

My main suggestion would be to keep the reverb.
Other then that, the song and lyrics are good.

this made me think of an Ozark Henry song called Indian summer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFI9qyiRHvY

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