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I'm better than I was last week
27 39%
I'm better than I was yesterday
6 9%
I was better Last year
12 17%
I was better 2 years or more ago
5 7%
I'm still the same as I was last month
9 13%
I'm the same as I was last year
3 4%
I've been the same for a damn long time
8 11%
Voters: 70.
Hey people I was wondering if you guys and girls felt you have improved technically in skill. So I don't mean in song writing or melodic content.
I mean did you get better by speed, tapping, sweeping, riffing, chording ect.
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When I hear friends saying "I was so much better last year" I really look at them with a puzzled stare"
What about you guys and girls?

How is that puzzling? I used to be able to play along to my Kill'em All album, now I can barely play through Whiplash without my wrist getting tired. It's called not having the time to practice like I used to.
I haven't noticed any significant improvement in maybe 5 or 6 months.
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I haven't improved in years, still suck
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Yeah man, in guitar you have to practice things in order to be up to speed. If I don't practice certain songs I sometimes forget certain parts. But muscle wise I feel like I can't play that well if I put the guitar away for a week.
Memorizing a cover, or gaining muscle memory, isn't an improvement to your technique. Only practicing a particular technique can improve it. If learning a new song does that, which more often than not is the case, then super!

Lately I've noticed I can alternate pick pentatonic scales faster and clearer than I could last week. But I don't think thats something you can measure day by day.

If you only play what you're good at you will not improve rapidly if at all.

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Last Spring and Summer saw Scurrilous, Digital Veil and The Parallax all being released, so I was really gung-ho on learning the parts. I got a lot better in that time period, but moved on to other, less technically intense styles of music and lost the drive to practice skill that much.

I think I'm a far better songwriter now, though.
I'm still working through the smoke on the water intro, 6 years on and I've nearly nailed it
on my profile i have a recording of me covering for the love of god. the bending sucked, but i recorded it after like...idk 3 years of playing guitar. now iv been playing for 6 and i probably couldnt play the solo as well as i did back then. back then i practiced everydady for a long time. now i hardly do. my chops arent that great. but my knowlege of the fret board and various other aspects of playing guitar has improved, so if i was jamming over some chords with a buddy, my solos now would sound more melodic, the phrasing would be better, just overall better playing. as for my shredding chops, they kinda suck now. but my songwriting has improved a bit.
I get better in spurts, sometimes I plateau... actually, I plateau a lot. I dont have the drive to learn parts to songs unless they're my own, because I end up writing really technical stuff (for me)
well yesterday i learned how to tap sweep. so i guess im better thsn yesterday
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I'm the same guitarist I was about 2-3 years ago. Seriously. I've been stuck in a "rut" as Dimebag Darrell called it, for about 3 years.
I guess that's what happens when you haven't had an amp for 4 years.
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For the past year I've been trying to play mostly Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me and other similar technical bands.

Before that time the hardest stuff I could play was pop-punk and classic rock stuff (no solos)

While I still cannot play most of the stuff I'm trying to learn, compared to the stuff I used to play, I feel like I have gotten 100x better. I can go and play stuff that used to be challenging a year ago no problem now.

Still a long way to go though.

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I get better everytime I play a gibson les paul goldtop through a Vox AC30. Much easier to play than an Ibanez ARX320 through a Spider Jam

I still can't solo a Jazz ad lib for the life of me though. All of me is sad.

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I was better 2-3 years ago, slacked in playing in recent years though.
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In theory, yes I have improved, even since last week.

But I don't play nearly as much as I did two years ago.
I'm better. My first 6 months at college I barely played, but since I got an 8-string I've been playing several times a week, and I'm super glad I'm back into it hardcore. I've noticed my fretting hand is more precise and my fingers conform to the "proper" way these days (might be due to the massive fretboard though ) but I'm also growing my knowledge of music theory and different chord shapes across the fretboard. My two handed tapping has gotten way better as well.
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I can play easy - medium songs well enough. Shredding and jazz are just never gonna happen, I'm happy playing songs with a few chords and easy enough leads.

Although in saying that I was probably better a year ago or so, and I used to be able to play round 50 - 100 songs, now I can barely play 5 through.

I need to be in a band to push myself to improve cause I can't be arsed otherwise.
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I need to be in a band to push myself to improve cause I can't be arsed otherwise.

yeah this. i didn't improve at guitar for like 4 years (i actually got worse, i think). then i formed a band last year and i'm now pretty much twice as good as i used to be. it helps that the other guitarist is a beast of a shredder, makes me feel nice and inadequate and motivates me to improve.
Yeah. I see improvement quite often. I wouldn't say weekly or daily. But every few months I do something that I couldn't of done a while back. Or I play something better or my impro sounds better. I've been playing for 4 years now so the learning curve is slowing down, but I still have loads to go. I can't wait to see how good I'm going to be in 3 or 4 years time.
I feel i'm better than when i first started back in 2008,The first guitar i bought was a First Act electric,and originally i couldn't even strum chords and such. But thanks to DVD's i ordered from Guitar World and trial and error i'm getting better.
My legato has improved a great deal since last year. My sweeps are better than they were last week, my soloing has improved a bit,and my creativity has significantly increased. My knowledge in theory has increased since last year as well. Riffing, tremelo picking? Yea I gotta work on those.
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The pool is missing the option: I'm better than I was last year. I can't really feel any progress in a month. My practising is very laid back.
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I'm the same guitarist I was about 2-3 years ago. Seriously. I've been stuck in a "rut" as Dimebag Darrell called it, for about 3 years.
Pretty much this. No major improvements for me, but I think I play a little cleaner than before. I can also improvise a bit better (nothing special though) and add my own fills to songs, etc. Technique-wise I'm like 2-3 years ago.
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I still can't solo a Jazz ad lib for the life of me though. All of me is sad.

I caught that

But with jazz, there's plenty of shedding involved, and plenty of general musicality. Have to learn what scales to use, how to approach them, arpeggios that work, chord substitutions, digging on Non chord tones, both scalar and chromatic, then there's just hearing notes.

Provided you've got a strong background in theory (if not, get on that), first just try singing a scat solo over, say, all of me. Listen for what you do, then try to play it. Or maybe just start with 4 bars. Eventually, you can sing along with your solo. And when you do that, remember, you're not singing along with what you play on the guitar, you're playing along with what you sing. Meaning that you think the note first, then sing it and play it simultaneously.