i am not sure if it should go in some subthread or anything or the pickup thread, if so please feel free to move it.

i am running two EMG's (normal EMG's not the new fancy ones) into a GIbson SG. the thing is, is that all i am running are two switches, and on/off and an on/off, one for each pickup. i have the switches in and want to make sure my thouhgts are sound prior to doing work on it.

hot goes to one side of switch,\ jack with both wires ran into the white wire of jack
hot goes to one side of switch /

red has battery holder with the red wire of each pickup coming off.

i have two whites (off the picksup), which shold be the go to the switches far side of switch white going into jack.

thanks i know this is kind of confusing, info is appreciated.
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Not really sure how to understand your wiring description but for an on/off switch you want t DPDT switches. they look like this:
on the bottom.
Your pick up should still have a hot and ground. I'm not sure how those EMGs work. Connect the top terminals together. Put the hot on one side of the middle and the ground on the other side of the middle. On the bottom run to your jack hot from hot side ground from ground side.