Hey guys, recently i purchased a ibanez rgd7320z ( a 7 string guitar.), I got it setup by the store i bought it from but they set it up completely wrong. I asked for low action, a set of strings (which i gave them) to be put on and tuned to Drop G, and they didn't do any of it. Ive tried to fix it myself but ive run into a lot of fret buzz and tension problems. Im looking for someone who can put a a 68-12 baritone elixir set + 10 gauge elixir, tune it to drop G and set it up to remove the fret buzz and tension issues. Does anyone know of any stores etc whom are able to complete the requirements I explained above (in sydney) for a reasonable price and won't stooge me again ? ( I live in beecroft, the closer the better )
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Take it back and tell them to fix it the way you wanted it the first time.
Take it back or learn to set up properly yourself. There is tons of information online on how to properly set up guitars. It is not that hard. I took my guitar to a shop who butchered the setup. Strings too high and truss improperly adjusted so I did a ton of research on how to set up my ESP eclipse II from truss rod adjustment to intonation. Once I made adjustments I took it to a different local shop who has qualified tech to check over my work. Said it was perfect everything from truss to the intonation to string height. Never charged me cause I did it right. now that I know how to do it properly I will never have to pay to have it set up wrong again. But on the drop tuning you have to expect to have fret buzz on low action as long as you dont hear the fret buzz through the amp and you dont loose sustain your fine.