Looking for a certain delay. I recently updated my rig from a Marshall 100hdfx half-stack to a Mesa Boogie Dual Rec (no comparisons there, lol). Everything thing on it is better except for one thing. I really loved the delay the Marshall had on it. Not to many repeats. It just made such a great sound for my leads. Ever since I switched, I can't seem to get that delay sound back. I bought a Digitech Digidelay, but no matter how I dial in it, it doesn't even come close. Is there any body out there that can tell me of a delay pedal similar to what's on the Marshall 100HDFX??? I've been looking at a Way Huge Aqua-Puss. Any suggestions would be great tho.
Boss DD-3 ($140) is a decent digital delay, but I'd upgrade to the DD-6/DD-7 for more versatility. EHX memory toy is a good cheap ($100) analog delay, less versatile, but some people (including myself) prefer the sound of analog delay.
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TC Electronic Flashback seems pretty well reviewed

I'd like to spend no more than $200. I've looked at a few already before. I've compared the DD-7's and the DL-4 from Line 6. I've looked at the MXR Carbon Copy. I've heard a lot about the TC Falshback and the EHX Memory Toy, but haven't looked into those yet. Just really want something to thicken up that lead channel, but something that will give me a good delay sound too when I need it. Any others???
DD7 is a great pedal. Didn't like the DL-4 and Carbon Copy at all. Heard great things about the Flashback and the Memory Toy is just what it is, a cheap analog delay and sounds like it.

I think the DD7 would be a good match for you.
i highly recommend the ibanez de-7 as per the original post rock thread. i got one for ~60$. sounds great, you can get those shorter type repeats like you want, and you have room to experiment with longer repeats down the road if you want

EDIT: not to mention they are built very sturdy and have the tone-lok pots, which save your settings, they are great.
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I'll probably end up trying both the Boss DD-7 and the Ibanez DE-7 this week. Most of my pedals are by Boss. Those pedals always hold up. But I also got a Ibanez Chorus/Flange that I've had used constantly as well. Either way, both are very good makes. Thanks for the input guys.