What would you buy for the same price? The ESP is 2 years old and pretty beat up. It could have a little worn frets and some scratches and the LTD is new.

Is the diffrence between them even noticable to risk buying used from ebay?
Get the ESP. They're better in every way. If the frets are worn, that can be sorted out pretty cheaply. I got a quote for a fret level, crown and polish for £60 for my explorer.

Trust me, its worth the risk.
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^ +1

*EDIT* unless u want the extra frets, cause i think the esp has 2 less
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Get the ESP.

If you get the LTD, you will kick yourself in the ass once you realize what you could have had.

The LTD looks good and has a lot of cool features, but ESP's are on a whole 'nother level entirely.
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The EC-1000 is a solid gigging guitar without a doubt, well worth the price new. You can get them used for around $400 which is incredible for what you're getting.

But get the ESP
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ESP. i played several examples of both models side by side when I was choosing mine (the cost difference made me carefully consider the LTD), and the ESP's were better. hands down. they played better, sounded better and were far more consistent.

unless the ESP is really beat to hell (how beat can a 2 year old guitar be?), there is no way that the LTD would be as good
Just to hammer it further, ESP.
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the esp is the shit...Im getting an MIJ Jackson and the previous owner put 85/81 in it just ordered it with a 30w vypyr.
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the esp is the shit...Im getting an MIJ Jackson and the previous owner put 85/81 in it just ordered it with a 30w vypyr.

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Get an used EC-1000 for cheaper and try it out first. I'm sure there are a huge bunch of them floating around CL or ebay. If you really like it then consider to go down the upgrade road later on for a mint or brand new Eclipse. That would be my advice.

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would depend on how worn the frets are. I recently got a great guitar, but the frets are dooone - gotta get it refretted. Now that is a tad bit pricy.

I'd just as soon buy a sandwich on ebay as I would a guitar. The ESP is probably good but you really, really should play a guitar before buying it.