Just thought I'd attempt to show off/get some feedback & constructive criticism on a cover I'd done. I did not try to "perfect" this by any means, there could be lots done to improve it - I did spend alot of time trying to make it sound presentable(to me anyway ha).

The complete track was done by me - guitars, synth, drums & vocals.

The time taken to listen is VERY appreciated. FEEDBACK OR ELSE.
It's not bad. Recording quality is good, mixing needs work. Kick, snare, and guitars need to come up, and tone down the vocals. Tweak those, and it wouldn't be too hard to master this.

As for actual technique, I'm no vocalist so I have no room to judge on those. Guitars sound pretty good, not bad on the tone, they just need to come up in the mix a bit so I can hear them! I couldn't hear any bass, did you track it? In a pinch, you can pitch shift a guitar down an octave.

Overall, fairly well done. 4/5 stars, a better mix would have gotten you the last one. Care to crit mine?