Hi guys ,

So I have the chance to buy an Orange rockerverb 50 for a very nice price.
The only thing is , I probably gonna need to sell my JCM 900 to get the money together and then some more ...

The marshall cab I would keep for the moment , cause a new cab isn't affordable if I would go through with this.
A while back I had an orange rocker 30 combo, but sold it eventually for the JCM.
The Rocker couldn't really get that "chunk" sound. But the rockerverb just sounds better , more versatile. And I still have a weak for Orange ...

So what would you do Marshall vs. Orange and why.

And I play in 2 bands ...
One goes more out to Hot Water Music , Jawbreaker stuff
The other goes from Four Year Strong , Flatliners , NOFX , Man Overboard , the most overall punkrock!

oh and to give you an idea , the rockerverb goes for 1450 euro around here ,
I can buy it for 750 euros used.
Thanks in advance,
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I would go with the orange, it is all personal preference, deep down u probably know which one u want go with it both are top of the line.
With the rep that the 900 has, I would go with the Orange, but one of your bands is punk, which is one of the things the 900 is used for. I would say the Orange could deliver, but your best bet here is to see if you can try it out and if it has the sound you're looking for. See if you can find some clips of both, too so that you can compare them. This one is gonna be more up to your ears than an easy consensus.