Looking to Trade my Laney VH100R for a 2X12 combo. The amp is in great condition. The leather on the handle is peeling a little, and there are a few minor scratches, but nothing more than you'd find a a floor model at a guitar store. These are the things I am really looking for, but feel free to make an offer if you have something else you think I might like.
Egnater Renegade 2x12
Kustom Defender v100
Peavey JSX 2x12
Blackstar HT 60 + cash
Kustom 72 Coupe + cash
Fender Hot Rod Deville + cash
Godin Icon Type 2 Classic
Vox SDC 33
Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 2x12
Roland Cube 80XL
Boss Tuner
BBE Boosta Grande
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Amptweaker Tightmetal
ISP Decimator
Zoom G3
TC Electronic Flashback
Visual Sound H2O