I was wondering what type of tone I should expect from by passing the preamp section of my orang
e dark terror. I would be doing this tthrough the fx loop and an ab switch. I am hoping it would be realtiveky clean would anyone with experience with not just my amp but any other amp please comment thanks. Btw I don't currently have the amp hence the question.
Well there would be an eq pedal running and some form of tube screamer so I wouldn't say there would be no preamp.
Well first of all, what are you trying to accomplish with this?

From what you're describing right now, it will sound pretty terrible, even with an EW and tube screamer.
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Indeed, it wont be desirable.
Don't quote me on this, but I suppose you could run an ABY-switch in between the actual input and a separate pre-amp you like in the loop. Again, I don't know this for sure, but it seems pretty logical to me. :')
So you're gonna run a tubescreamer into the power section of a 15W amp known for it's crunch... and expect a squeaky clean sound?

If you want a squeaky clean amp without any breakup a Sunn Alpha or Roland Jazz Chorus is your best bet.
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plugging into the effects return will put you right into the power amp. With no preamp gain, it'll be basically like playing a clean amp. The TS9 will give you the normal amount of slight breakup. Not sure why you'd want to play it like this. I mean, you could use it as a power amp for a pod or something that way, but just running a tubescreamer into the power amp probably won't sound ideal.
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