My third song. Im really unsure of a title for this one it's kind of a work in progress really any feedback would be much appreciated.

Two ship passing under a cold nights sky
So close together but still yet so far
Scared to be judged as time passed them by
Left to set sail alone as empty hearts cry

Time can never revile the secrets we keep of
the Pastimes we shared the good times and the bad
but alas some-things are just never meant to be
A sail without wind drifting endlessly
searching in vain with no land to see

Turn back time go back so far
If I could change anything
It would be to meet you at the bar
If things were different maybe there could be
two ships sailing together on a sun lit sea

A ships set sail upon unpredictable seas
on tides that rage for age after age but
this sailor, he stands tall above all failure
with a heavy heart he's cursed forever-more
to sail endlessly to find the port where she may be

There's a space in my heart that only you can fill
maybe sometime never ill know how you truly feel
But hay.......... maybe one day?
The very first line is too cliche. " Two ships passing in the Night"...Ever hear that?

The rest of it I really like....especially the meeting in the bar
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