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Ever have a cut somewhere on your body you didn't know about until you find blood all over your hand/wall/shirt and you're not sure how or when you started bleeding?

I have a bad habit of biting my nails and every so often i find a decent amount of blood on my hand/finger. This time I pulled my phone out of my pocket and thought I had spilled salsa on the screen. After a few minutes I finally noticed my bloody finger and realized that it was blood caked on my phone.

Share your stories! Or don't! I don't give a shit!
u bite ur nails till u bleed?

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Was lifting a massive chunk of ice yesterday without gloves and it cut all the inside of my fingers. Didn't realise for about 2 hours, though that was probably due to my hands being numb.
Yep. Cut my leg and didn't notice until someone told me I had blood all over my leg.
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I once had an extremely bad nose bleed and didn't notice it because it was lightly pouring onto my jacket, finally realized when it died down and started to come down my face.
Fell while riding a bike, looked down, saw a small rip on my jeans, thought "Eh, no big deal. These are old." Walked into my house, sat down, my foot started feeling wet. I thought I had massive foot sweat. Took off my shoes, my whole sock was red.
I bite my nails too deep as well, I know what you're going through
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I work with a custom 3 blade knife at my job. The other day I accidentally cut myself. I put a bandage on it and carried on about my day. 5 hours later, at the end of the day, when I took the bandage off, it was fine. Then I was on the train and I looked down all I see is a stream of blood down my finger.
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A few times this has happened and I usually don't notice due to adrenaline. I caught a slice down my left thigh when I fell through a board and a screw extending from it stroked my leg (luckily no tetanus). I was laughing about it and then my thigh felt a bit wet, so I went to the bathroom and peeled down my jeans and sure enough there was blood smeared around. Strangely I didn't at any point feel pain there. I do have a faint scar left over and it looks badass.
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just came in here to congratulate you on becoming a women.

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I had my first day of a new job in an electronics store the day before yesterday. Everyone there does a bit of everything- stacking shelves, moving stock, cleaning etc but the main part of the job is sales. I sold a TV and DVD player to this old guy and the TV was the last one in stock, the demo model, so I had to get it down from the top shelf and pack it back up in the box. Apparently whilst cutting the tape on the outside of the box with a razor I cut a big gash in my pants and leg without noticing (first day on the job, I was running on adrenaline) and went about my business. An hour later the manager says to me "Hey Tom, hows it been goi... Holy shit what happened to your leg?!"
Yeah, that happens pretty often to me.
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just came in here to congratulate you on becoming a women.

geez. complete sentences are too long to read now? illiteracy runs rampant!

and no, i did not become "a women" i became "a woman" gawd.

clever though
Cut my hand off once, didn't notice for nine hours.
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Fell of a bike in the mountains, saw that I had ****ed up my hand, had also scraped along my entire side, but thought it was just the hand that had drawn blood, since I had clothes over the other contact points. Once I reached the bottom of my ex's hill, we stopped at a fountain, saw blood soaking through my shorts.

Four or five months later, I still have a scar on my hip.
happens all the time. especially if you cook for a living
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This one time I was screwing around on a friends skateboard and I decided to ride down a really steep incline while sitting down on the skateboard. I slipped off about halfway down and skidded on my arse for a while. Didn't hurt much because I was laughing so I got back on it pretty quickly. As we were walking home I saw there was blood on the skateboard and I was like "Hmmm, I wonder how that got there." Didn't realize my arse had taken a slashing until I mooned one of my mates and he was like "Woah, you're bleeding".
In high school I was in HVAC shop half the year. Half of that time, we would do sheet metal. So many little cuts all over my hands and fingers. Though not many are deep enough to bleed.

And then I got gloves
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It's not funny because I'm not kidding

that's ****ing traumatizing. i don't think i'd ever jerk it again if that happened the first time.
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The first time I jacked off I came blood a little bit.
It's not funny because I'm not kidding

You reminded me of this

D: Why did you have to do this to me?
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oh god, i couldn't even finish reading after the torn foreskin part.


You think it was bad for you?

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Gods don't bleed.
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You think it was bad for you?

I was there man. I'll never forget the shit I did in 'Nam

of course it was bad for me. i'm minding my own business, drinking mountain dew and lurking UG and you gotta share that story? i think i just had it way worse than you did.

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Gods don't bleed.

Jesus did, a lot. gawd, didn't you ever see the Passion? essential for anyone who wants to go to heaven.
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In the summer I'm constantly prone to bug bites, and I itch them all the time, often until they bleed, and I don't feel them bleed until someone tells me or it's already like halfway down my leg.

Also, this one time I pick up a chair in the library by it's back and it fell off, so I put it back on and continue on my way. It isn't for a while that I feel a sharp pain in my fingers and realize that 3 of my nails had been lifted and were all bleeding, and then I look at my phone on the table and realized I had bled on that.
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found a 2 inch cut on my wrist one night no fuсkin clue where it came from, and it's been a few months since it healed but there's still a mark and people think i cut myself ):
I shot someone in Reno & the cops punched me in the nose. I didn't realise until I was in jail.
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I fucking hate you for that, Devourke!
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I fucking hate you for that, Devourke!

Next time you're having a bad day you can think back on that and remind yourself, "At least I'm not really bad at hand jobs."
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just came in here to congratulate you on becoming a women.

So, I'm not the only one who thought this

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The first time I jacked off I came blood a little bit.
It's not funny because I'm not kidding

How the heck did you manage that?!
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i was drinking in my friends back yard and i thought to myself yeah its a good idea to be on the floor now so i just kinda fell over as it was easier than sitting down, turns out i landed on a large sharp rock but i didn't know it until about 10 minutes later when my friend was like man you're bleeding all over my carpet (i was inside now) and i looked down at my arm and it was covered in blood.
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Meh, Happens all the time. Except I don't go making threads about it.
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You reminded me of this

D: Why did you have to do this to me?

Wtf man

Couldn't you just tell her to slow down a bit/not be so rough?
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