Hello everyone new here ^^

Im just learning english , so sorry if i am not expressing my self clearly.

I am in search for a great guitar for metal and I have a few choices
i have my eye on.

I just recently got exposed to the metal music genre and i feel like what the hell have i been listening to all these years.
Its funny though at first i thought metal was just noise but having one day really sit down and actually found out there are different types for different tastes.

The music is just beautiful (lost some man points there)

The types of Metal I love is and not bounded by

Power metal

trying to get into the heavier stuff but its just too much to take in at once ^^
I am sure there a just alot more i have not listened to yet and i think more of it its acquired taste rather than love it or hate it.
If you havent realized i like heavy melodies and harmonies if thats what its called sort of like this guy who also among others inspired me to start playing.


I also like rock but mostly the heavy stuff.

Now for the guitar choices please bear in mind that i am not in a position to go play any of these and if anyone has any owner can direct me to good video although i have seen quite alot and lurked quite a few forums.

These guitars i came up on after forums , blogs videos etc and the sound i like.

Mostly for heavy metal , hard rock but also blues or some soft stuff once in awhile.

dont mind buying used (within reason)
From what i gather used guitars are broken in and opens up alot better and some say there nothing like the new guitar smell lol

my choices are

Ibanez js 1200

Gibson explorer - I love the fat sound but i have read something about the frets not being good or something.

Ibanez JEM7v

This is definitely one of the top contenders even though its only from videos but i can tell its a really good guitar just fell in love with the crunchiness

Ibanez RG 1550 or 550

Another top contender loving the sound of this one as well i would get this and the JEM7v if i could not saying that im not going to ^^

Jackson SLH2 - mah

Another great sounding guitar but I dont know it doesnt really give me that gotta have it vibe maybe my opinion would change if i played it in person but i cant.

Jackson Dinky DK2

I like the sound but im not really feeling this guitar opinions would help maybe im missing something.

Kramer Pacer Classic

I dont know but it just looks and sounds like a fun guitar.

There are other brands out ther im sure of that and pick ups would also affects sound but these are the ones im considering esp the JEM7v.

Your opinions would really help maybe im complicating things too much but man its really hard deciding without getting to play them first hand but the Js1200 , JEM 7v and RG1550 stand out to me if thereare any great guitars in your opinion that i might have missed please add them i will research them ^^

Thank you in advance for help and now i must rest my brain typing in english isnt easy -_-

off to the guitar technique spot with my acoustic I will still be here awhile
JS are awesome guitars but they are built more for some smoother, versatile tones. I had a JS1000 and as much as I loved it I sold it because I wanted something a bit more metal oriented - 24 frets, hotter pickups, etc

If you can get a JEM then I would say go for it. Very, very cool. Otherwise either of the other 2 RGs should be solid choices (though I'd maybe recommend the 1570 over the 1550, I think).
As for the Jacksons, if you're not really enjoying the feel of them then don't get 'em! xD
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I have a few jems they are great guitars. RG's are great as well. Explorer is an awesome guitar as well. I would avoid the Jacksons and Kramers though, I have never played Jacksons i have liked. But that is just my opinion, buy whatever feels and sounds best to you.
??? you could buy a prs with that budget!
PRS Custom 24
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From your list I'd take the Jem7v
I agree with dragonkid... notice you didn't mention ESP... great metal guitars!
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Hello again everyone thanks for the info...

I crossed Ibanez JEM7v off the list i have really just took away the hype and really thought about it I guess i actually like it for the hype alone...
Its steve Vai guitar not mine but the JS 1200 is sweet non the less.

The PRS Custom 24 is really good I like it alot very good remember im going for a little versatility but mostly heavy stuff.

Thanks for the Esp horizon!
Wonderful guitar I spent the whole night lurking forums and searching for vids really good .

I was Looking at the Esp horizon Fr2 or NT2 the difference is Alder or Mahogany...
I dont know which to go with and there is also the Nt7 thats has emg but I dont like emgs all that much or haven't come to appreciate them but the ESP KH2 isnt all that bad .

Its boiled down to these for power metal and a bit of versatility :

Jackson SLH2
PRS custom 24
Ibanez RG 1550 or 550 (i think the 570 come without pick guard)
Ibanez JS1200
ESP Horizon FR 2 /NT 2

If I had to choose 3 ~PRS custom 24 , ESP horizon fr2 or RG 1550 and again the JS1200 is just too sexy

Seem to be leaning more towards PRS or the Horizon NT2 for my immediate needs
but ill probly be getting them all down the line especially the JS 1200 just not sure about the SLH2 i thinks its because i havent really found a good video for it.

For my amp Its def gonna be a Mesa Boogie double rectifier practice/gig/jam looked at the engl amps but still undecided going to research some pedals when im done.

Its the most horrible thing when you cant sit down and play a guitar or test an amp.

Have to listen to videos and half the time the vids dont do justice.

Any opinions or personal experiences would help thank you.
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DAM it I guess this is GAS

I just saw the Mayones Regius 7 and the Black Machine B7

Pants a little tighter

Dam it is too much to choose sell car maybe ? lol
You'll probably struggle to get a Blackmachine, there's a long waiting list and Doug isn't really making them at the moment from what I know.

Also, Mayones Regius are f***ing incredible guitars. If you can get one then forget everything else and do it. I have never played a guitar quite like the Regius I played at a guitar store once. o_O

PS Get an ENGL Powerball, great amp.
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Quote by VVolverin3
You'll probably struggle to get a Blackmachine, there's a long waiting list and Doug isn't really making them at the moment from what I know.

Also, Mayones Regius are f***ing incredible guitars. If you can get one then forget everything else and do it. I have never played a guitar quite like the Regius I played at a guitar store once. o_O

PS Get an ENGL Powerball, great amp.

Yea I got the idea that they have a long wiaiting list maybe booked out for 2012 too

I really want to buy a special guitar because my case i rather buy superb guitar than have 3 at the moment.

So far after some hard thinking im down to a very hard decision

PRS custom 24

Ibanez J custom 7 or Ibanez J Custom RG2011Z
then again you have the prestige series

Mayones Regius 7

If i get the one of the 7 strings i might never get another 7 string

Can someone pls list the different series of the ibanez j custom guitars?

The one i listed above i s the only one i can find from google
Im leaning to the Ibanez RG8420ZD HH instead of the Ibanez RG8570Z HSH
I dont think i will use the middle pik up.

For the Ibanez RG8420ZD i would dwant to change the pick ups for something hotter though not actives though

Would still love to get the Mayones or the PRS later down the line (for some reason i called it mayonnaise)

The amp choice i have a good friend that says he found a good deal on the Mesa said a guy bought it and now selling because its too much and its pretty much new.

If my friend dont grab it in time ill go for the ENGL.

any opinions?
Ibby J Customs are smexy, but I'd still take a Regius over a J-Custom personally.
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