I've had a Peavey Vypyr 15W amp for about 2 years now, and just in the last 5 months or so its started to get the annoying little buzzing sounds when I play. I've tried both my Strat and my no-name 7-string on it and both have the same problem, but on my other amp they don't buzz at all, so I know it's the amp. On the clean channel it only buzzes on the bass strings, and on the distorted channel it buzzes on the higher notes. I used to be able to deal with it, and it would only start doing it after about a half hour of use, but for the past month I turn it on and instantly the buzzing starts. I've asked local guitar stores as well as Peavey about it, but the guitar stores don't fix modeling amps and Peavey never responded even after three emails. I've tried everything from kicking the thing to vaccuming it out and cleaning the wire contacts, nothing works. I'm getting sick of it and really don't want to buy a new amp, and I need it for practice, does anyone have any solutions?
I forgot to mention that I've moved it all over my house to see if it work, it doesn't.
Rattle most when you do like palm mutes? Do you usually crank it up pretty loud? Do you have the bass up pretty high?

The reason im asking is you may have blown that little 8" speaker..
No, it buzzes no matter how I pick a string, and I almost always sit about 3 feet from the amo so it's barely turned up at all. The bass is up fairly high, but I've tweaked around with it and nothing changed.