So in the next couple of days I'm gonna be ordering the Pod HD Pro to use as my main amplifier. (Long story short: I'm tired of dealing with tubes and shit.) Now I believe you can DI this right into the house PA system for live gigs, yes? I'll probably do that for most shows, but for the shows that I need my cab for, I'll need a power amp. I'm aware that I can use the power amp from my VK head, but I'm pretty intent on selling the damn thing, so that option won't be there forever.

I know very little about amps and shit, so please help me find a suitable power amp. I don't want it to be tube driven, and since I'm only gonna run it through a single 4x12 I don't need some thousand watt beast.

I'm aware I might look retarded to somebody very knowledgeable about this shit.
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I've heard good things about the Carvin poweramps. I believe the one I have in mind is called the DCM200L I think they are around $200 give or take. I know some guys who use those with the AxeFX and love it.

Edit: Yup, DCM200L http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/single.php?product=DCM200L
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The Rocktron Velocity 300 has also caught my eye. Anyone wanna weigh in?
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I'll go along with the Carvin option too. Personally I like Marshall power amps but I'm a bit of a Marshall freak. Hard to beat the Carvin for value for money though.
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*cough* Carvin *cough cough*

Seriously. They make awesome pro sound stuff. Their power amps are very reasonably priced for how much power you get. Especially if you don't want a tube power amp, they're hard to beat.

EDIT: Yes you can go direct into a PA with the HD pro. Just bear in mind that you'll probably want to have 2 banks of patches set up. One for when you play through a cab, and one for when you go direct into the board. You'll probably want to turn the cab modelling off when you play through your cab.
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