Ok, so Im a guitarist and Im looking for a drummer and a singer (well a growler (DEEPER GROWLS)) for a few songs Im working on. I have one going, and am planning on doing about 3 or 4 in the next few months. It's pretty much in the style of groovier metal bands (Lamb of god is a good idea of the sound of the song so far). SO Ideally im looking for someone that can growl really well, and someone that can either play drums, or program drums very well. I have a drum track going but its a bit weak. Im handling the guitars and bass myself. Anyone with mixing knowledge is also welcome to help out with mixing.

Pm me or put a comment on here so I can send u the song, and here is a video of my guitar playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-hdNC40FJs&feature=channel_video_title

So yeah, to summarize here's what I need:
-Singer (Deeper growls mostly)

-Drummer/Drum programmer (That can help with the drum track, and make one that sounds good)

And POSSIBLY someone that has some knowledge on mixing.
If deep is your thing, I can do that:


That's just one example, but I think that's the lowest I've gone in a recording. Randy from LoG uses fry vocals, and I do false chords, but I should be able to hit similar tones to him.

I can program drums too, and mix
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